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Casas Adobes Screenprinting and Embroidery

Casas Adobes companies trust Tucson Apparel to deliver quality custom printed T-shirts and embroidered polo’s on time at the best price.  Our focus is working with larger companies and organizations with substantial needs that local shops are not equipped to support well.  With the capacity to produce over 40,000 custom garments per day, we can handle your large or complex order seamlessly and deliver it to your Casas Adobes location, or to 100 different locations across the US.

When you have large orders or projects to work on it can be tempting to look for a partner with a close physical location.  However, most smaller shops you will find do not have the capacity to run large orders quickly and either have to disrupt their existing customers for your order or will take several weeks just to produce it.  Unfortunately you are likely to be the one disrupted later after your big project is passed and their next big job comes along.  There are other risks you take including their financial ability to pay for the goods and extend you credit, as well as whether they can meet the dates they promise in order to get the order to begin with.

When you work with Tucson Apparel, it isn’t just our large capacity that makes the difference.  Our entire processes and systems are dialed in to process large orders, as well as many small orders for large projects efficiently.  We typically have web portals setup for our large customers which are directly integrated into our supply chain and production flow so that no data entry or importing is needed and there is no delay between order placement and processing.  In fact, we are the company many local shops turn to for production when they get large projects and they simply mark up our pricing and pass it along to their customers.

So if you just need 50 t-shirts, or have some hoodies or jackets you want to drop off for embroidery, then a local shop is a great choice and they serve that purpose very well.  But when you have a large project, that is mission critical and has to be done right and on time, then trust someone who does this day in and day out with the capacity and financial backing to meet their commitments.  Tucson Apparel is ready to help.

Casas Adobes companies, let’s talk about your Apparel and Uniform needs Today.

Who We Are
Tucson Apparel and Uniforms Made Easy work as a sales and marketing partner to All Custom Wear, providing custom uniform programs and solutions to Southern Arizona area companies.
Areas we serve:
Tucson Apparel is a top uniform and apparel supplier to customers across Arizona and the US. We also provide embroidery and screen printing to Oro Valley, Marana and Casas Adobes.